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Happy Valley OR Locksmith Store Happy Valley, OR 503-468-5453Transponder keys refer to products having chips within. Their advent gave a big boost to the security of state of the art vehicles. This increases user-verification levels. Transponder/chip keys contain radio transmitter that communicates directly with the computer inside the car. It confirms that the ignition has original keys. Breaking or losing them is a highly-frustrating experience. Getting the duplicates is not easy and quite expensive.Happy Valley OR Locksmith Store will come to your rescue when problems occur. Our services are all pervasive across Happy Valley, OR. Repairing or replacing the transponder keys is our specialty.

How does it work?

A part of an anti-theft system of your car, the transponder keys involves a responder and a transmitter. The microchip is embedded in the plastic head of the key. This key must give an appropriate response to the vehicle computer or the vehicle does not operate. It uses encryption, passwords and rolling codes. This means that after every use the codes will change. It works as a mathematical complex algorithm where your car will transmit a number of six digits. This could be anything between 0 and 999,999. The programming of the transponder keys is to crunch this number and then respond.

Advanced anti-theft features

When you lose your keys, it will be impossible for you to start the car until you get a replacement. In the absence of the proper response from the keys, the ignition will not work. Manufacturers have developed this as a solid antitheft feature that has decreased the instances through the years as well. The earlier method of hot wiring the cars to start them are as good as dead. The thieves today find it impossible to bypass the security mechanism of the vehicle and start it irrespective.

Transponder key replacements – Why are they expensive?

Replacing yourtransponder keys is an expensive proposition. Precision cut with expert programming work makes it a time-consuming process. Only someone well versed and having the knowledge regarding the same will be able to help. Most of us tend to contact the manufacturer is your car dealers in finding the replacements. This is both time-consuming and costs significantly.

The Auto locksmith for all your transponder key needs!

Happy Valley OR Locksmith Store offers cost-effective solutions for transponder keys replacement. We use highly advanced machinery and the latest programming chip key technology. You will have brand-new switchblade keys, remote keys, transponder blanks, and switchable fobs replacement, in no time.