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The evolution of locksmiths

Happy Valley OR Locksmith Store Happy Valley, OR 503-468-5453Archaeologists excavated ancient locks during the mid-19th century. The rudimentary system found their dates back to 4000 BC. Surprisingly, the working principle had an uncanny resemblance to what we use today. Afterwards too, people used pin wooden lock and the design more or less remained unchanged until the Middle Ages. During this time, warded all metal locks were designed for the first time in England. These contained far end cylinders with a keyhole feature.

Keyhole had concentric plates in a series that blocked other keys from turning. Only the key with matching patterns with the ward would work. The year 1778 saw lever double-acting tumbler locks. High security locks came up in the market in 1784 and in 1961 flat grooved ubiquitous keys having notches on edges became available. Today, the job of the locksmith is no more restricted to the simple locks but is rather tough with electrical and programmable locks using varied authentication methods being in vogue. These use everything from biometric data to passwords, posing new challenges for the professionals.

Let’s take a glimpse of what a locksmith actually does:

Your security advisors

With threats to security, increasing by the day, homes and businesses today make the protective systems their priority. Locksmith doubles up as your security advisors since they have in-depth experience in the field. The service providers have worked with innumerable clients so they know very well what work from the security point of view. They will be able to recommend the best products, the latest mechanisms for maximizing your peace of mind.

Advanced lock and key services

There is no more need to approach car dealers or the manufacturers for state of the art lock and key solutions. Your local locksmith provides it all. Being versatile, they have turned into one-stop solution providers offering everything from transponder key creation, Master key system, and high security safe installation.

Basic and standardized services

The locksmithhandles all types of lock and key issues with aplomb. From the simplest job of making the spare to installation of keyless entry mechanisms, they will do it all. You can approach them from the most basic and highly standardized services.

Where can you find a multifaceted locksmith?

For the residents of Happy Valley, OR area, the name that commands respect is Happy Valley OR Locksmith Store. Being a multifaceted locksmith, you no longer have to search for separate services at different places. We provide them all. We provide residential, commercial, and automotive services besides doubling up as your security advisors.

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